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Palo Alto’s future will be decided by the 2016 City Council election

While every election is important, the 2016 Palo Alto City Council election is especially significant. The new Council will be making important decisions on key issues. The Comprehensive Plan Update, Urban Forest Master Plan, Parks Master Plan, Cubberley and Fry’s site plans, and other land use decisions we make today will impact the City for decades to come. I support a moderate and thoughtful approach to managing development and growth that does not outpace the capacity of our schools, parks, and infrastructure.


Excessive growth impacts our city in many ways - creating traffic congestion, losing retail, and pressuring our ever-important non-profits that significantly contribute to our community. We must preserve the character of our residential neighborhoods and protect local-serving businesses, both of which help define Palo Alto. New commercial developments must address in a positive way their impact on parking, traffic, services, and housing. Additional housing must focus on those most in need and seniors, in particular through smaller, more affordable housing units.


Palo Alto has a tradition of environmental leadership. We must set a standard that will best ensure a healthy place to live and work. This includes encouraging the use of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles and public transit, as well as conservation efforts in zero waste, greenhouse gas reduction, and climate change adaptation.

Quality of life

Palo Alto’s neighborhoods are a key element in our valued quality of life, and they must be respected and protected. We need appropriate options that will enable seniors to remain part of the Palo Alto community. City government must start to consider the impacts of new housing on our schools and class size and on public services, and make decisions that ensure that the quality of life in Palo Alto is preserved and enhanced.

Planning for the future

We will soon adopt a new Comprehensive Plan for the City. We must do this with care and vision to ensure a future for Palo Alto that builds upon the great legacy of our City as a special place to live and work. As co-chair of the Citizens Advisory Committee on the Comprehensive Plan Update, I have focused on incorporating community input into this critical document. This work, together with my time on the Planning and Transportation Commission, has motivated me to run for City Council to better serve this city I love.

I would be honored to serve you on the City Council, and I ask for your vote on November 8th.

A record of community service

As a result of his wide-ranging activities in service to the Palo Alto community, Arthur will bring a breadth of community knowledge and experience that gives him a deep understanding of the many issues facing the City Council. His two decades of community service experience includes:

Arthur has been and is a strong advocate for key issues that impact our quality of life, including:

His views on current Palo Alto issues are detailed on the Palo Alto Neighborhoods (PAN) candidates' questionnaire at this link.


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