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Honorary Committee Co-Chairs

Hon. Tom DuBois
Palo Alto Councilmember
Hon. Eric Filseth
Palo Alto Councilmember
Hon. Karen Holman
Palo Alto Councilmember and Former Mayor
"In his long, constructive, engagement in our civic life, Arthur has always emphasized a healthy quality of life for residents in a balanced community. He has a mastery of the issues, and has been effective in building consensus for positive solutions."
- Hon. Greg Schmid, Councilmember

Elected and Appointed Officials

Hon. Pat Burt
Mayor of Palo Alto

Hon. Mike Cobb
Former Palo Alto Councilmember

Hon. LaDoris H. Cordell
Former Palo Alto Councilmember
Judge, Superior Court (Ret.)

Hon. Ken Dauber
PAUSD School Board

Hon. Anna Eshoo
United States House of Representatives

"Arthur Keller's strong commitment to affordable housing, reducing traffic congestion and supporting small businesses make him a solid choice for Palo Alto City Council. I am happy to lend my support to Arthurs' candidacy."
- Hon. Anna Eshoo, Member of Congress

Hon. Yoriko Kishimoto
Former Mayor of Palo Alto
President, Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District

Hon. Gary Kremen
Member and Former Chair,
Santa Clara Valley Water District Board

Hon. Barb Mitchell
Former PAUSD School Board

Hon. Enid Pearson
Former Vice-Mayor of Palo Alto

Hon. Emily Renzel
Former Palo Alto Councilmember

Hon. Greg Schmid
Palo Alto Councilmember and former Vice Mayor
Former PAUSD School Board

Emy Thurber
Regional Director, California Democratic Party, Region 5

"Palo Alto needs Arthur Keller's expertise and perspective at this crucial point in time. Arthur will prioritize the needs of Palo Altans first in a balanced and thoughtful way. His record speaks for itself"
- Hon. Tom DuBois, Councilmember

Committee Members

Mac Beasley
Hon. Mike Cobb
David Bubenik
Len Filppu
Maurice Green
Jeff Greenfield
D. Michael Griffin
Joe Hirsch
CeCi Kettendorf
Hon. Yoriko Kishimoto
Pat Markevitch
Elaine Meyer
Hon. Greg Schmid
Rita Vrhel

"Arthur's outstanding service on the Planning and Transportation Commission and other work for the City demonstrate his positive commitment to, and motives for, the good of Palo Alto."
- Hon. Karen Holman, Councilmember and Former Mayor

Community Supporters
- partial list -

Barbara Adams
Allen Akin
Ken Allen
Peter M. Allen
Dan Armistead, DDS
Stacey Ashlund
Irene Au
Joseph L. Baldwin
Ann Balin
Fred Balin
Marni Barnes
Daniel Bartsch
Bill Bauriedel
Marilyn Bauriedel

"Keller is a lover of data who understands planning issues and trade-offs more than any other candidate. He can frustrate and irritate both his political allies and opponents because of his obsessive analyses and strong opinions, but he also has the most to offer after serving for eight years on the planning commission. To succeed on the council he will need to adjust his approach and pick his battles carefully, but he will be invaluable as the new council reviews, approves and implements the new comprehensive plan."

Susan Beall
Alexandra C. Beasley
Malcolm R. Beasley
Nina Bell
Sally Bemus
Dorothy E. Bender
Keith Bennett
Herb Borock
Richard C. Brand
Irv Brenner
Don Brookman
Davina Brown
Trish Bubenik
Neilson Buchanan
Laura Burakreis
Lauren Burton
John Burton
Stewart Carl
Roger Carpenter
Betty Jo Chang

"Arthur Keller demonstrated his commitment to Palo Alto values on the Water District's Environmental and Water Resources Committee. He is an independent thinker who garners the respect of others across the political and social spectrum. He will serve our city well."
- Hon. Gary Kremen, Member and Former Chair, Santa Clara Valley Water District Board

Vicky Ching
Amy Christel
Jim Cornett
Cindy Costell
Jen Couperous
Kaye Crawford
Andrew Cromarty
Deirdre Crommie
Janet Dafoe
Brian Davis
Dr. Ron W. Davis
Dan DeCamp
Al Dorsky
Dave Downer
Sharon Elliot
Penny Ellson
Anne Ercolani
Dick Evans
Claude Ezran
Chana Feinstein
Bruce Feldstein
Sharleen Fiddaman
Sheri Furman
Margie Galdes
Manuel Galdes
Dan Garber
Elizabeth Gardner
Annette Glanckopf

Community Supporters
- continued -

Maurice Green
David Greene
Jeff Greenfield
Anne Gregory
Firth Griffith
Stephanie Grossman
Beth Guislin
Stuart Hansen
Michael Harbour, MD
Margaret J. Heath
Eric Heaton
Patricia Hernandez
Jennifer Chang Hetterly

"My first endorsement is for Arthur Keller, who served eight years on the Planning and Transportation Commission. Keller would bring development knowledge to the council—he is analytical, detail-oriented and a bit of a wonk. He does not automatically accept things because they are the politically correct way to go; rather, he delves into both sides and often comes out with a fresh new way to look at problems facing the city."
- Diana Diamond, columnist, The Daily News, 28 October 2016, page A20

Maryann Hinden
Joseph Hirsch
Hamilton Hitchings
Michael E. Hodos
Howard Hoffman
Hugh Holbrook
Robin Holbrook
Joan Holtzman
Terry Holzemer
Jane Huang
Hilary Hug
Karen Jew
Thomas S. Jordan
Karen Kang
Riaz Karamali
Suzanne Keehn

"Arthur is incredibly thoughtful policy expert, especially on transportation and land-use, with decades of community service. He elevates people around him, and we will have a better City with him on Council."
- Hon. Eric Filseth, Councilmember

Luba Keller
Marilyn Keller
Marty Keller
Reta Keller
Sophie Keller
CeCi Kettendorf
Yoriko Kishimoto
Joanne Koltnow
Iris Korol
Florence LaRiviere
Ben Lerner
Lorrin E. Lewis
Charlene Liao
Jean Libby
Arthur Lieberman
Cheryl Lilienstein
Daniel Lilienstein

"Arthur is a dedicated and proven advocate for our parks, the environment, and promoting flood protection for Palo Alto residents."
- Hon. Pat Burt, Mayor of Palo Alto

Jean Lin
Cybele LoViolo-Bhushan
Ruth Lowy
Michael J. Lowy
Gerald Lucha
Paul Machado
Robert Marinaro
Nancy Marty
Joyce McClure
Shannon R. McEntee
Elaine Meyer
Barb Mitchell
Doug Moran
Bob Moss
Dan Murphy
Mark Nadim
Michael Nash

"Arthur is one of the most knowledgeable citizens on zoning and how the city works. [He will work to] meaningfully improve traffic, parking, affordable housing, and quality of life. He is thoughtful and considerate of those who live and work in Palo Alto, and has done a superb job as co-chair of the City of Palo Alto Citizen Advisory Committee for the Comprehensive Plan Update. Arthur has been a champion of the residents and a proponent of more thoughtful growth targeted at what the city needs most. He is the real deal and I will be voting for him."
- Hamilton Hitchings, Concerned Resident

Indu Navar
Mike Nelson
Esther Nigenda
Adam Norton
Jean Olmstead
Gaston Olvera
Elissa Ouyang
Christian Pease
Harlan A. Pinto
Ranier Pitthan
Penny Proctor
Shirish Puranik
Ann Robinson
William Robinson
Beth B. Rosenthal
Bill Ross

"Arthur Keller, who was unceremoniously booted from the planning commission by the previous council for his slow growth stance, is extremely knowledgeable and will emerge almost immediately as a leader on council.

"He has interesting ideas too. While he favors the office cap in general, he suggested restrictions in office space construction could be linked to measurements of traffic and housing problems. If those problems diminish, the amount of office space allowed could increase. And if the problems worsen, the city could further limit the amount of office space permitted. In other words, he'd like to create an incentive system to encourage developers to do the right thing.

"We suspect Keller, a computer scientist, would be very successful in the arena of ideas we mentioned earlier. He's thoughtful and persuasive."
- Palo Alto Daily News

Frances Roth
Robert Roth
Ruth Satterthwaite
David Schrom
Carol Scott
Andrea B. Smith
Jeanie Stephens
David Stephens
Ted Stephens
Doria Summa
Jim Thurber
Laszlo Tokes
Tiffany Tong
Victor Tong
Grace Tosky
Camille Tripp
Arnold Urken
Angelica Volterra
David VomLehn

"Arthur's informed leadership on the Planning and Transportation Commission has been invaluable. As has his help in achieving better transportation for students and seniors. He is an ethical man who has earned my support over decades of service to our community."
- Penny Ellson, Community Leader

Rita Vrhel
Barbara Wallace
Herman Weiss
Edda Whitton
David Whitton
Lisbeth T. Winarsky
Chip Wytmar
Kerry Yarkin
Neva Yarkin
Runlong Zhou
Gene Zukowsky
Zita Zukowsky

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